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Undergraduate Studies

World-class choirs.
Superior voice faculty.
Renowned opera program.
International travel.

Receive first-class instruction in one of the world's most culturally rich cities.
Learn from some of the country's most respected voice teachers.

Zachary Averyt, Cynthia Clayton, Daniel Belcher, Timothy Jones, Melanie Sonnenberg, and Hector Vasquez each have had impressive singing careers. They are also excellent, dedicated teachers of voice.  Voice students who study at UH are lucky indeed!. 


Performance opportunities abound.

The Moores Opera Center puts on four fully-staged operas every year, which means lots of roles that need to be cast. We also have five wonderful, student-led a cappella groups and numerous other opportunities too long to list.


The best place for future teachers.

Dr. DeSpain and Mr. Koppel both taught music in the schools before moving to collegiate work. This experience sets them apart from many collegiate directors. We also have a wonderful music education faculty.  Our students also have the opportunity to direct one of our a cappella groups, which is like leading your own program. On top of all that, our music education job placement rate is 100%, meaning every graduate gets a full-time job in the field. 


Sing in some of the country's finest choirs.

The Moores School Concert Chorale is world-renowned, having won several competitions across Europe including the Ave Verum International Choral Competition in Austria and the Bela Bartok Choral Competition in Hungary. In 2017 alone, they sang at three important conferences. Our other auditioned choirs, Soundscape and Resonance, are better than most universities' top choirs.


Bring your passport. You may need it.

The internationally acclaimed Moores School Concert Chorale typically travels internationally every other summer. Our university pays all expenses, and students who sing with the ensemble may be eligible to travel. We make music and see the world.


Spend a day with us.

Click here to schedule a day with one of our Moores School Ambassadors. You'll accompany one of our current voice students to studio class, music history/theory courses, and join one of our choirs for rehearsal.


For more information...

Click here to begin a dialogue with Dr. DeSpain and Mr. Koppel.


Click here for admissions information.

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