Choral Placement Results -- Fall 2020
Thank you to all who have auditioned for UH choral placement for Fall 2020. You will not receive your traditional notification about choral placement because at this point, we have no idea what our choirs will look like in the fall.
It may be that we will have to continue to offer all instruction remotely.
It may be that we will be able to rehearse and perform "normally," but that each ensemble will have no more than 12 singers so that there is enough space to be safe.  If we use the small ensemble model, then we will have rehearsals at all times of day and night and in every possible space.
As soon as WE know your placement, we will let YOU know, but be aware that It may not be until mid-August.
So, what do you do now? If you plan to enroll for college credit, simply register for any choral ensemble, which ensures that your fee bill is correct. It is very easy to switch sections once you know
exactly where you'll be.  If you plan to enroll through Community Arts Academy, please email them ( Completing either of these registration steps notifies us of your intent to participate.​


Is this frustrating? Yes! Scary? A bit! But it's also kind of exciting to be charting our path in completely new waters. Do know that whatever happens, the UH Choral Area will be busy making music in the fall.


If you have friends who want to audition, they should go to for information. 


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