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Small Groups



Noelia Jimenez, Director                                     Email Noelia


The University of Houston Acabellas is a student-led treble pop a cappella group. Members of Concert Chorale, Soundscape, and University Chorus are eligible to audition for this ensemble. They often sing pop music, musical theatre, Disney songs, and even some throwbacks. Their main goal is to have a close group that performs high-level music for fun. They showcase their work throughout the semester at the University of Houston choir concerts in addition to a special small group concert at the end of the semester. They rehearse 2 hours weekly. 

Follow them on social media!

Instagram: @uh.acabellas



Citlalli Reynoso, Director                             Email Citlalli

Ardore is a student-led a cappella chamber choir comprised of Concert Chorale members. The ensemble provides students with valuable leadership opportunities as well as an outlet for high-level chamber music singing. Student conductors select repertoire, lead rehearsals, and organize outreach performances and concerts. Ardore members perform choral music from a broad range of musical styles and periods, including music of emerging Houston composers. This unique ensemble provides a collaborative musical environment where students build bonds of professionalism and friendship with their peers while growing as musicians and leaders.

Follow them on social media! 

Instagram: @uh_ardore

Go to Ardore's SoundCloud page to sample past performances.

Check out our Ardore Facebook page.



Zachary Brabston, Director                                       Email Zach

In addition to developing friendships, building professional relationships, and training their musical skills, members of the select chamber choir Floreat sing a wide range of traditional mixed choral repertoire. Often featured during University of Houston choir concerts, Floreat also gives regular outreach performances in the greater Houston area. The ensemble draws its membership from both auditioned and non-auditioned choirs at UH.

Follow them on social media!

Instagram: @uhfloreat


MoM A Cappella

Daniel Schwindack, Director                                   Email Daniel

Keagan Greer, Assistant Director                           Email Keagan

Formerly known as Men of Moores, MoM A Cappella is UH's premiere Tenor-Bass A Cappella ensemble. The group performs a variety of pop and choral music. MoM A Cappella has released two singles and one full-length album, all of which are available on iTunes and Spotify. In addition to performing regularly in concerts on campus, MoM frequently reaches out to local school districts whenever possible, and is available for weddings, corporate events, and other performance needs. The director of the group is available for questions by email above. The group holds auditions at the beginning of each fall and spring semester and rehearses approximately 3 hours a week.

Follow them on social media!

Instagram: @mom.a.cappella

027_2023-04-29 uh gala.jpg

Johanna Gonzalez, Director                            Email Johanna


Rhapsody is the University of Houston's premier mixed pop a cappella ensemble. It regularly performs at concerts and events, both on-campus and in the greater Houston area. They have recently been featured by the Houston Astros, Houston Dynamo, and Uber Houston. Rhapsody was founded in 2013 by Jose Castejon and Andrew Gilstrap.

Rhapsody rehearses for 3 hours a week, and anyone enrolled in a UH Choir is eligible to audition. Auditions take place at the beginning of both the Fall and Spring semesters.


For more information, click here.

Follow them on social media!

Instagram: @uh_rhapsody

Also check out their Facebook page.



The Moores Classics

Aidan Lindsey, Director                                   Email Aidan

Christian Stratham, Director                          Email Christian

The Moores Classics group is a brand new Tenor-Bass Barbershop Ensemble with the goal of creating amazing music, performances, and bonds that last a lifetime.

Follow them on social media!

Instagram: @mooresclassics

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