Due to current social distancing guidelines, choral placement auditions for the Spring 2021 semester will take place remotely and consists of two portions: 1.) Vocalise, and 2.) Sight reading. Details for completing these components of the audition are below.
Who Should Audition
Anyone who would like to sing in one of our choral ensembles and did not sing with us in Fall 2020. 
Audition Information
See steps below 
Step 1: Record and Submit Your Vocalise

1. Record yourself vocalizing with the appropriate voice track below. When it gets too low or too high, drop out.

Soprano/Alto Track:

Tenor/Bass Track:

2. When you have finished recording, double check your work to make sure you and the vocalization track can be heard. If the sound quality is poor, try adjusting your microphone placement, or recording with a different device.


3. When you are satisfied with your recording, email it to Dr. Mueller at:

Step 2: Perform Live Sight Reading Auditio

Individuals will use video conferencing technology to perform a sight reading exercise for a choral area faculty member. 


  1. Email Dr. Mueller for an appointment:



  • Please be prepared to wait by your computer in the waiting room for up to 30 minutes to audition.

  • One of several possible sight reading exercises will be digitally delivered to you after you have entered the meeting.

  • You may encounter technical difficulties at any point during this audition process. Breathe -- we will work with you to make the process as painless as possible.

SA Vocalization
TB Vocalization

Auditioned Choral Ensembles

Concert Chorale 
  • Meets MWF 1 - 2:20 (Weber)

  • Is open only to singers who have sung at least one semester in either Soundscape or ManCorps and who have auditioned successfully into Concert Chorale


Soundscape (Soprano/Alto Voices) 

  • Meets TTH 2:30 - 3:50 (Mueller)

  • Open to all singers who audition successfully


ManCorps (Tenor/Bass Voices) 

  • Meets TTh 11:30 - 12:50 (Mueller)

  • Open to all singers who audition successfully

Non-Auditioned Choral Ensembles

**All singers who wish to sing in any choral ensembles must audition for a choir this year**

University Women's Chorus
(MUSI 1120-03)

  • Meets MW 2:30 - 3:50

  • Open to all singers without audition

  • Email Dr. Weber for more information

University Men's Chorus
(MUSI 1120-01)

  • Meets TTh 11:30 - 12:50

  • Open to all singers without audition

  • Email Dr. Weber for more information

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