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Sing with Us!

All UH students are eligible to join a choir, no matter their major. In addition, members of the community are invited to enroll in one of our University Choruses through Community Arts Academy.
Audition Requirements

Beginning singers, those who cannot read music, those who want very little outside-of-class commitment, or local community members (through CAA) can simply register for the choirs below.

Students who can read music and have prior musical experience may want to audition for our more advanced choirs.

  • Soundscape: MUSI 1120-04/TT 2:30–4:00/Mueller

  • ManCorps: MUSI 1120-02/TT 11:30–1:00/Mueller

Those who have sung in ManCorps or Soundscape, or transfers who have sung in their university's top choir, are encouraged to audition for Concert Chorale .


Scheduling an Audition

Click here to reserve an audition time or contact us for more information.

There is nothing to prepare in advance. You will vocalize and sight-sing a short exercise. It takes about 5 minutes.


Registration Options

Enroll for course credit

Students on the "UH in Four" tuition plan, or those who need an additional credit, should register as usual through the Access UH.


Enroll without course credit

Those who do not need course credit, including community members, may register through Community Arts Academy for only $50/semester. Email them directly for more information.